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Friday, December 31, 2010

You have been Wikileaked!

It is very likely now that a new word is entering our already extensive volcabulary.

Wikileaked, to mean essentially to have ones private and confidential (and perhaps secret) information exposed to the world.

Example, "The government of Dinatopia has been wikileaked! What they really think of foreign diplomats has been exposed."

This is not the first time a word has been created or changed to impart a new meaning. There are literaly thousands of examples.

For example, the Milk Board in Britain some years ago embarked on a campaign to introduce a new word into society as part of their promotion to drink more milk. The word "pinta' (pronounced 'pint a' or 'pynta') was introduced and this word, meaning a pint (roughly equiv to half a liter) of milk can now be found in the dictionary.
Ref: "VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol VII No 3

The word gay used to mean happy or joyful. Now the word has been changed to mean Homosexual and is virtually never used to mean happy or joyous anymore. This gives new meaning to those songs of yesteryear with the word 'gay' in the lyrics.

There are many words that have been either, changed, invented or hijacked in order to portray something else or given measning to something that, did not have a word to describe it before.

Hence Wikileaked. I guess we can expect to see, wikileaking, wikileaker, wikileakish and even wikileaklike to enter the volcabulary soon and not just in relation to Wikileaks, but in the activitiy of others 'doing the same thing', as it were.

I can just imagine, a civil servant (a contradiction in terms some might say)sitting there ruminating about the latest cut in resources and extra work piled on his desk and thinking to himself, "I feel wikileakish today. What shall I leak?"

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  1. I suppose this could be taken to the extent of an older person who can no longer control his bladder. " Oh My God...I just wikileaked in my pants".