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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Todays wikileaks events

Norway's largest newspaper, Aftenposten, now claims to have access to ALL the Wikileaks Diplomatic cables. Up to now not one news organisation or outlet has been able to lay claim to having all the cables, only dribs and drabs.

Aftenposten editor Ole Erik Almlid declined to say who had leaked the leaks but one could guess that it might have something to do with the cables being stored on a database in Norway?

If this is so it is going to complicate matters considerably. Wikileaks would no longer be in control of cables issued and how are Aftenposten going issue the cables they claim to have? There is apparently no agreement between Wikileaks and Aftenposten. so it is now becoming open slatter.

Aftenposten stated, "We have worked long to get the documents, but it would be wrong of me to tell who is the source. We have not paid for the material, which we have gained access to (with) no conditions. It is we who decide what to publish and how we should handle it."

So, in essence, all bets are off. If control is now out of the hands of Wikileaks they can hardly be blamed for future issuances.

And, as reported on ReadWriteWeb:

1. How many more leaks (of these leaks and others) will happen?
2. How will they effect what Wikileaks does in the future?
3. How will it complicate the relationships, both partnerships and antagonisms, that have flowered around these leaks?

Seems the world could be in for a bumpy ride with no one at the controls!


  1. Ah well, things are warming up,we might be in for
    a Hot Ride.

  2. Yes, provided it is true which it seems to be.

    But it is probably in Aftenposten's interest to continue to drip feed cables rather than issue them all at once to capture an ongoing readership. They will likely just drip feed them before anyone else.