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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Letter to the Washington Post, Dec 16th 2010

"The US now has two successive administrations (those of Bush and Obama) acting badly by behaving vindictively towards those people who meet with its disapproval.

Under Bush, the US rounded up anyone who was handed over to the US in Afghanistan with the accusation that they were terrorists. The war lords received $10,000 for each person that they delivered to the CIA and/or military.

Subsequently, the detainees were locked up, held without charge, their families were not notified and the military was unconcerned with whether or not the detainees had injured or not injured the US in any way. Although hundreds were subsequently released years later because they had not harmed the US and did not constitute a threat to the US the US did not offer them compensation or an apology.

Similarly, the US resents the release of the wikileaks documents (all of which are low level) because they expose deceit and cruelty on the part of the US government along with puerile and questionable statements about foreign politicians. The result is to characterise Assange and Wikileaks as dangerous and evil.

Evidence has not been offered by the Obama Administration to support its claims of dangerous wrongdoing. We are asked to accept the government's proclamations without challenge. Many Americans have done so and the most irrational behave like a vigilante mob because they want Assange lynched without a trial being held.

The behaviour of the US indicts the US as a vindictive and punitive nation whose decisions are determined by their violent emotions and not by their fundamental principles.

It doesn't matter how the US dresses up its case against Assange because the fact is it has one rule for American citizens and another for Assange. It ignores the Pentagon Papers precedent and the notions of free speech, freedom of the press and the right of the public to know what has gone on.

Although the US lectures the world on human rights it ignores its own lectures and seeks unimpeded freedom to abuse individuals. For instance, it kidnapped el-Masri, a German tourist in Macedonia, took him to Afghanistan, tortured him and sodomised him until it accepted that it had detained the wrong person as a consequence of a mix-up. This fellow was left by the side of the road in Armenia.

Obama has described Assange's actions as deplorable and that justifies 'getting him'. Apparently, however, the US does not want its own people put on trial when, as agents of the US government, they engage in deplorable behaviour.

Double Standards are abhorrent but the US doesn't care. It lurches from one abuse to another and its rate of acting badly is accelerating and increasing. Shame on the US and goodwill and thanks to Assange and his colleagues at Wikileaks."

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