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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wikileaks and the Australian Government

It seems the Australian Government would rather stand behind the bully with his trousers down than stand up for the rights of the lone battler who is standing up to the bully everyone else is losing their integrity over. The fact that the lone battler has not actually done anything illegal in Australia is overlooked in the enthusiasm to side with the bully.

Breaching international Laws against torture and killing innocent civilians. Holding unconvicted personnel in prisons outside their own territory so they can be tortured against the Geneva Convention. Illegal spying on UN personnel and disparaging other leading heads of state are all glossed over and 'ok' while a lone aussie battler dares to point to the king and say he is wearing no cloths and recommendations are made that he should be 'assassinated' for being a 'terrorist'. What definition of terrorism is being used here. Standing up for ones rights? Exposing terrorist activities of the big bully in the playground?

And who is going to castigate the Swedish prosecutor Ms My for abusing the human rights of the lone aussie battler by serving a warrant for his arrest in contravention of Article Six of the European Covenant on Human Rights to which Sweden is a signatory by the way.

And does the Australian Government really condone proposals that their citizen be 'assassinated' for pulling down the trousers of the biggest bully in the playground?

Truly the king wears no clothes and it is time we had the integrity to point this out and not pretend it is ok for the bully to go on killing and maiming in the name of 'freedom'.

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