Julian Assange

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Clinton does not care what people think perhaps?

It is interesting that such a double standard should be so openly used and defended by hillary Clinton and the State Dept. Defending the 'rights' of Egyptions, and other protestes now in the muslim Communities yet working hard to suppress the rights of individuasls such as Assange.

Is it a case of the US State Dept under Hillary Clinton does not really care what others think of her? Is it a case of, "I have the power and you don't so get stuffed," type of thinking. If that is the case I feel sorry for the US State Dept. But not that sorry.

Even if they were to successfully Kangeroo Court a trial on Assange and execute him for exposing their own crimes, a million others would take his place. One gets what one resists. Look throughout history. There are many examples of nations getting the very policy, thohgt, ideology or whatever they originally so strenuously resisted.

This will be no different.

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