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Thursday, January 27, 2011

OpenLeaks gone live!

Openleaks, the rival site to wikileaks started up by one time Assange friend and comrade Daniel Domschelt-Berg aka. Daniel Schmitt, has now gone live.

You can see it at openleaks.

Openleaks is run by two members currently, Daniel Domscheit-Berg and Herbert Snorrason, both no stranger to controversy as both worked closely with Assange at wikileaks intil they left citing disagreements with the direction wikileaks was taking.

The site is very much at a just open shop stage and very basic at the moment. Just an explaination of who and what they are, what they do and how they will operate. Contact details are provided. PayPal gained no fans by closing off the wikileaks account and shutting out of circulation the funds donated by many people, (I wonder what they are doing with the money? making some interest no doubt).

Openleaks, instead, offer alternative payment options for donations to Paypal and prior services. These are Flattr, Paysafe, UKash and Webmoney. A once bitten twice shy policy.

Of course there are no juicy tit bits of news or leaks as yet. Given the issues Wikileaks has had with some media outlets there is a potential opportunity to latch onto these and replace wikileaks as the 'preferred' supplier of exposes.

Which brings to mind the question. How many more '****leaks' style websites are going to spring up in the coming year?

Perhaps we will see, "exposedleaks.com" and 'transparentleaks.com' and many more imaginative names.

It is certain that governmental hiding of crimes from their populace is very much yesteryear. Transparancy is the name of the game now. this means more honestly and culpability by governments is going to become more prevalent. NWO eat your heart out!

Hey here's a new name for you, 'inyourfaceleaks.com'!

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